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Sandra Ishkanes is a Functional Medicine Practitioner based in Brighton UK. She specialises in reversing chronic diseases including digestive disorders, auto-immune, thyroid and skin conditions, and is an expert in women’s hormones and peri/menopausal health.


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One-to-one Consultations

Sandra provides a personalised health approach to reversing chronic diseases, in clinic in Brighton, by video link or by visiting your home or work place.

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Everything you’ve been told about peri/menopause is wrong. Find out why, and how to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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7 Day Detox Program

Every now and again your body needs a complete rest from too much alcohol, sugar, and inflammatory foods. Here is a complete body reset, in just 7 days.

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Smarter practitioner, superior care

“I walked away from my first consultation with Sandra full of energy, hope and motivation. Her knowledge and enthusiasm had bowled me over, and my wife and I set about immediately following her advice to the letter. The results were incredible. Even my GP was amazed. Within just 4 weeks from starting my protocol my body had gone through a total reboot. I was, and still am, feeling great.”


52% of people in England have at least one chronic condition - primarily driven by lifestyle factors which are modifiable or reversible.

— NHS England


Happy Clients

“Sandra said to me, in our first session, ‘In three months we will have fixed all of this.’ She was wrong, because by TWO months, I was not only totally cured, full of energy and healthy, but also PREGNANT, which I didn’t think would be possible!! THANK YOU Sandra!!”