“I turned to Sandra after several visits to my GP about general health and hormonal issues proved fruitless.

I was already aware of the benefits of nutrition in helping address my symptoms, and I was particularly keen to consult a Functional Medicine practitioner.  So I was absolutely delighted when I found that Sandra ran a clinic locally to me.

I pre-booked three consultations with Sandra and my first session was remarkably uplifting.  I suddenly had someone who really understood my health concerns, asked me all sorts of valid questions, and supported me as we talked about difficult issues that were impacting on my general health and wellbeing.  At the first consultation Sandra recommended a diet and supplementation plan to get me through the initial stages of my move to better hormonal (and mental!) health.  Sandra also made several pertinent suggestions outside of the diet/supplementation programme, including methods for addressing anxiety and stress levels.  There wasn’t one avenue that she could not explore.

And… it worked!  Within a short space of time many of my symptoms had diminished or vanished altogether.  I felt better and I slept better.

Sandra’s knowledge and advice appear limitless, her solutions are practical, and her approach is flexible to your needs at the time.  Sandra’s energy, professionalism and desire to help people is a real credit to her and a huge benefit to her clients.

From my experience of having consulted Sandra, I have no hesitation in recommending her.”




“I have enjoyed working with Sandra who has helped me look at my overall health in a new way. With her guidance I changed what and when I eat and have lost a stone and half in weight (9.5 kg). Even when I gain weight slightly (e.g. over the Christmas break) my weight soon returns to its new low value.

My GP was surprised to see that my cholesterol had reduced markedly to the point that he was no longer pressing me to take statins.

Before I worked with her I was taking pills to reduce my blood pressure. I no longer take these as the change in diet and the use of food supplements has had success in keeping my blood pressure down."




“Having led a relatively healthy life, I have been plagued in recent years with multiple health issues in rapid succession. This was coupled with a high stress job, huge weight fluctuations and rising blood pressure. I was on multiple prescriptions and my quality of life was in a mess. I wanted to spend more quality time with my wife and two young daughters, and do my best to remain healthy for them into the future.

Having failed miserably to get a handle on things I sought Sandra’s help. I guess I was a little skeptical at first, but I was desperate. However, I walked away from my first consultation with Sandra full of energy, hope and motivation. Her knowledge and enthusiasm had bowled me over, and my wife and I set about immediately following her advice to the letter. The results were incredible. Even my GP was amazed. Within just 4 weeks from starting my protocol my body had gone through a total reboot. I was, and still am, feeling great.

I have returned to the clinic for numerous consultations to tweak some bits here and there as I learn more about myself and my good and bad behaviors, learning more about looking after myself better in the long-term. My wife and daughters are also delighted with the outcomes. I have been recommending Sandra’s clinic to everyone I know. I simply cannot recommend it enough. It has been truly life changing and inspirational.

I have gone from being a hopeful sceptic to an evangelical convert. Sandra knows how to make your body work for you again. I would be happy to speak to anyone about my experience.”




“Sandra is an absolute star. She helped me regulate and balance my stress levels. Only 4 weeks in and I am feeling a huge difference! My husband says thanks for giving him his wife back.”




“I was recommended to go see Sandra after struggling with tummy issues for quite a few months. I'm so glad I did!

She's a lovely and very knowledgeable person and gave me a tailored service specific to my needs and symptoms (something GPs just don't have the time to do).

I was a little sceptical at first but within a few weeks of following her routine and take the prescribed supplements, my issues cleared right up!”




Why did you decide to come and see Sandra? 
She came highly recommended to me from a friend.

What results did you get from working with Sandra? 
Firstly, I finally found expert support and will to understand my issues rather than being fobbed off with "it's just how you are" or with antibiotics as I had been in the past by health professionals. The psychological benefit of not feeling that maybe I'm just a bit freakish was significant.

I also underwent tests that I would have never otherwise considered. These helped me understand the importance of cholesterol, which has led to a firm change in my diet (i.e. eating [hen-friendly] eggs). Sandra's experience in cosmetics has also left me with better skin. And, the supplements Sandra prescribed were carefully selected with detailed and clear explanations as to the intended effect of them all. These have helped reduce my number of loose stools.

What specific thing did you like best about your work together? 
I was relieved and grateful for the effort Sandra put in to working with my diet choice (vegan) rather than seeking to eliminate it. I really appreciated the time Sandra put into researching the what's, why's and alternatives that would work for me. Also, overall, Sandra's attention to detail was noteworthy and confidence-inducing.

Would you recommend working with Sandra to your friends?