Psoriasis and Arthritis

I'd been living with persistent psoriasis for a decade or so. I'd become complacent, but when I started developing arthritis (which I assumed to be psoriatic), I decided to do something about it, and a friend recommended Sandra.

After my first consultation, which was an enlightening experience in itself, she recommended a strict eliminatory diet and a course of supplements, as well as other things to reduce stress and enhance health like phototherapy.

Sticking to the diet has been in turn both surprisingly easy and deeply frustrating. But Sandra has been excellent at keeping me in a positive frame of mind and helping me see the progress I've been making, so I don't lose motivation to keep going with the diet and supplements regimen.

It took about four months to see really substantial improvements, but it's been worth it, as my scalp has not been this clear since the psoriasis started, and the arthritis (which turned out to be unrelated to the psoriasis) has eased significantly.

In the process I've also learnt a lot about my own optimal health, thanks to Sandra's warmth, enthusiasm, and her ability to relate to my own situation and explain some of the complex and interconnected ways that metabolisms work.



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