Infertility, PCOS, Acne and Severe Fatigue

I came to Sandra with over two years of almost constant fatigue, seizures and acne. I had been in and out of hospital for five years dealing with chronic inflammation & interstitial cystitis, but the fatigue had gotten so extreme, that I could barely leave my bed in the morning, and was falling asleep twice a day.

I had been to the doctors lots across the last two years and each time was sent away confused and demeaned- ‘you’re just stressed, it’s your mental health.’

I knew it wasn’t.

I’d tried every new diet, new supplement and new procedure to regain energy, under the sun. I didn’t eat meat, I had no caffeine, and was addicted to sugar but doing my level best to curtail it. 

Sandra was a last ditch attempt to get my life back. I had left a full time job to go freelance self employed- I was attempting to chase my dreams but this issue was getting in the way. I ate vegan, and very healthy, but had ZERO energy, and suffered from acne and hormonal issues as well.

Turns out, after looking at a detailed history, I had been destroyed from the inside by years and years of antibiotics, given to me by confused doctors for interstitial cystitis, that I hadn’t ever needed. It’s not infection, but they kept treating it as such. 

My body had destroyed itself from the stomach onwards - I couldn’t absorb nutrients anymore, my dopamine and serotonin receptors weren’t any longer firing, and I was weeks away from chronic fatigue. 

Sandra said to me, in our first session, ‘In three months we will have fixed all of this.’

I left in shock, bursting into relieved tears in the street. Finally a solution?

She was wrong, because by TWO months, I was not only totally cured, full of energy and healthy, but also PREGNANT, which I didn’t think would be possible!!

THANK YOU Sandra!! 

IW, Brighton