I had been suffering from very bad period pains for a long time, ever since my periods started, when I came to see Sandra.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis while having surgery at age 25. I had been to see many doctors and was prescribed lots of different drugs and treatments, including painkillers, pills, hormone treatments and surgery. But nothing seemed to improve it and I was in crippling pain every month. I was also suffering bad nausea every month.

With Sandra’s plan I followed a diet and started taking several supplements. She advised specific foods to eat a lot of (and ones to avoid).

I have had a drastic improvement since following the plan. My pain and nausea has massively reduced. I have also had additional ‘side’ benefits - lots of people have commented, unasked, on how my skin looks clear and glowing, and how shiny my hair is! My appetite has become more stable and I feel generally more healthy too. The plan has been an effort for me but it has definitely been worth it.

I feel much better able to manage my life, work and activities when I have my period now - I don’t have to miss out.

I really believe that seeing Sandra has changed my life.

PG, Brighton

Psoriasis and Arthritis