Dry Skin, Fatigue

Why did you decide to come and see Sandra? 
She came highly recommended to me from a friend.

What results did you get from working with Sandra? 
Firstly, I finally found expert support and will to understand my issues rather than being fobbed off with "it's just how you are" or with antibiotics as I had been in the past by health professionals. The psychological benefit of not feeling that maybe I'm just a bit freakish was significant.

I also underwent tests that I would have never otherwise considered. These helped me understand the importance of cholesterol, which has led to a firm change in my diet (i.e. eating [hen-friendly] eggs). Sandra's experience in cosmetics has also left me with better skin. And, the supplements Sandra prescribed were carefully selected with detailed and clear explanations as to the intended effect of them all. These have helped reduce my number of loose stools.

What specific thing did you like best about your work together? 
I was relieved and grateful for the effort Sandra put in to working with my diet choice (vegan) rather than seeking to eliminate it. I really appreciated the time Sandra put into researching the what's, why's and alternatives that would work for me. Also, overall, Sandra's attention to detail was noteworthy and confidence-inducing.

Would you recommend working with Sandra to your friends? 


Digestive Issues

High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Gout, Restless Legs