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7 Day Intensive Detox Program



  • Detoxification supplement: UltraClear Plus pH - retail price: £55

  • The program: 6 digital files

  • 45 minute Detox Debrief: one-to-one support post detox

  • Community support

The 7 Day Intensive Detox Program is designed to jumpstart your metabolism, reboot your system and help you break addictions to sugar and processed foods – while feeling healthier and releasing excess weight.

You will learn ways to sleep better, have more energy and release extra weight. This challenge will not focus on counting calories, it will focus on feeding your body with delicious and satisfying foods that will leave you feeling more balanced and empowered.

This program is for you if

  • You want to enjoy delicious foods without counting calories.

  • You want to balance your blood sugar and insulin levels.

  • You want to feel more balanced energy and learn about the root cause of your fatigue.

  • You want to stop your cravings once and for all.

  • You are ready to make a lifestyle change that will have lasting results.

What is included:

  • A quick start and implementation guide: This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on what the program is about and an approvd foods list.

  • Recipe guide: Choose from 13 healthy recipes bursting with nutrition, or create your own from the approved foods list, its so easy.

  • The Toxicity Quiz: how toxic are you? You will receive a toxicity questionnaire to take before and after your program and you will be amazed at the results!

  • A daily journal: keep track of your vital statistics, how you’re feeling and the fantastic benefits you experience.

  • Food re-introduction guide: discover the right sequence to effectively introduce food groups back into your diet.

  • Food re-introduction Tracker: a vital tool that will help you identify your food sensitivities once and for all.

  • A powerful 3-in-1 detox supplement: you will receive 966g of UltraClear Plus pH by Nutri Advanced. This is a powerful nutritional supplement known as a ‘metabolic food’ designed to support healthy energy production and offers full liver and alkalising support. It is fortified with a range of essential vitamins, minerals and individual amino acids including NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), glutathione, cysteine, taurine and glycine, all of which are crucial for detoxification pathways in the liver. There’s also added anti-oxidant support from green tea. It tastes like a delicious vanilla milkshake but has no added nasties. You will receive this in the post in 2-3 days.

  • Private Facebook group for extra support: you will not alone - you can join our community of 7-Day Intensive Detox Program participants on Facebook to share your wins, favourite recipes and stay connected during your program. I’ll be on hand to provide you with support along your 7 day journey.

  • Daily e-mails to keep you motivated: each day, you will be supported through the program with an email from Sandra. These daily emails will give you an introduction to the day and a theme to focus on.

  • 45 minute Detox Debrief: Included in your program is a 45 minute consultation with Sandra where you can address any niggling symptoms and plan your next steps to build on the investment you have made in your health. You will be given advice on your specific nutritional needs, supportive supplements and lifestyle boosters.

Are you still  wondering if this program is right for you? Then answer these questions for me:

  • Do you crave sugar and carbs?

  • Do you have belly fat?

  • Do you have trouble losing weight?

  • Do you have fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, mood problems, allergies, joint pain, skin problems or autoimmune disease?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this program is exactly right for you!