75% or more peri/menopausal symptoms eliminated in 8 weeks

Peri/Menopause Prescription


An easy, step-by-step, completely personalised 8 week plan that works with your body, to help you feel confident and full of sparkle. 




Discover the ideal diet for peri/menopause and make the metabolic switch (READ THE GUIDE)

  • Getting nutrition right is key to reversing symptoms. No more guessing as to what you should be eating and which supplements are helpful.

  • Find the right balance of foods to sail through the menopause.

  • Pinpoint deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients.

  • Calm sugar cravings and burn fat.

  • Get your nutritional blueprint which comes complete with meal plans, food list and cookbook. It will help you work with rather than against the biological change that happens during peri/menopause.


Lose weight, if you want to:

  • You will learn about the unique metabolic state of peri/menopause that causes fat gain around the belly and how to stop it. You can expect to lose around 1kg (2.2 lbs) of weight per week or more.

  • Get out of your fat jeans and get your self-confidence back with this fat-burning program.

  • Symptoms such as anxiety, hot flushes, night sweats, depression and broken sleep originate in the brain.

  • This program is designed to protect and enhance brain health, reversing symptoms and preventing cognitive decline in later years.

Protect your brain and prevent dementia:


Stabilise your hormones:

  • Normalise oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormones and insulin, and coast life in hormonal calm.


Strengthen your body:

  • Build muscle mass

  • Protect your bones

  • Look after your heart health

  • Manage your stress levels


Maintain vaginal health:

  • This program includes a vaginal rejuvenation program which addresses vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, urinary tract infections, leaking, overactive bladder and painful sex.


Get help for complex health issues:

  • Fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries or pelvic pain

  • Assessment and support for thyroid issues

  • Oestrogen dominance: menstrual flooding and breast pain

  • IBS, IBD and other digestive complaints


Support your metabolism:

  • Get the right supplements at the correct dosages


Test, don’t guess:

  • Blood sugar levels, thyroid hormones, fat metabolism, iron metabolism, liver function, digestive function can all be affected in the menopause. Simple blood tests can pinpoint where your problems are.

  • Complex health issues may need more in-depth testing which can be done with private labs.


Everything you know about peri/menopause is wrong.

Discover the science that underpins the Peri/Menopause Prescription and why it’s not a hormone problem.


3 Appointments, 8 Weeks, 1 Prescription

That’s all it takes to feel on top of the world again.



  • Comprehensive health assessment before your first consultation.

  • 90 minute initial consultation resulting in your first 4 part health plan: nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and supplements, and all your questions answered.

  • 2 follow-up appointments over 2 months to follow-up on your progress and amend your plan as required.


  • At least 75% of symptoms are eliminated in 8 weeks: hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, weight issues, bloating, vaginal dryness and all the other symptoms associated with the menopause. 

  • Nutritional plan ideal for peri/menopause

  • Meal plans and recipes tailored to your health goals

  • Lifestyle upgrades: appropriate exercise and stress relief recommendations

  • Appropriate supplements at the right dosages

  • Appropriate exercise recommendations

  • Daily journal

  • Comprehensive tracking tools: track your progress. All women on the program acheive at least 75% resolution of symptoms over 8 weeks.


  • Continuous contact with Sandra to keep you on track and achieving your goals.


  • Private women-only Facebook group with over 200 women to share stories, tips and information.


You can’t control everything in life, but you can control what happens to your body.


You can stop spending all your time and energy worrying about your mind and your body.

Going through the menopause is a critical transition period in a woman’s life and can determine her level of health in the years to come. This program helps you understand not only how your body is  is changing, but also how it can be managed differently to benefit your health. 

You don't have to go this on your own. I can help you make practical and meaningful changes to enable a healthy and vibrant you. The Peri/Menopause Prescription takes the confusion out and gives you a simple, effective and safe program to make your transition easy.


Discover the help you need now.

Peri/Menopause is not the beginning of the end, but the next step in women’s evolution. The key to getting it right is understanding what is happening to your body and what you can do about it. The Peri/Menopause Prescription optimises your nutrition, exercise and supplements to help you manage your symptoms. And along the way you will acquire life-changing tools, tips and techniques.




"How do I get started?"

Book a discovery call for a complimentary 30 minute appointment where we can discuss your health goals, current symptoms, what it might look like to work together, and determine if we are a good fit.

"I have a pre-existing health condition. Can I still join the program?"

In general, yes. The program is designed to identify all the pieces of your health puzzle and put them together in a way that enables and healthy vibrant you. You will have a complete health assessment and are likely to experience improvement in all your symptoms as you follow your personal program.

"Who is not a suitable candidate for the program?"

Unfortunately at this time women with type 1 diabetes, and women who are vegan are not suitable candidates for the Program. If you have complex health issues, please mention them in your discovery call.

"Will I have to survive on skimpy salads and protein shakes?"

No. The program nutrition plan includes plenty of delicious, hearty foods that you will be excited about eating. The recommended foods are high in healthy fats and include appropriate levels of protein and carbohydrates so meals taste great and keep you full for hours.

"What is the vaginal rejuvenation program?"

The vaginal rejuvenation program is intended for women experiencing vaginal dryness and/or atrophy, pain with sex and other vaginal distress. The program promotes lubrication and  blood flow to the skin of the vulva and vagina, and encourages more skin flexibility and thickness. The program also promotes  a healthy vaginal flora.

"What are the 12 types of menopause?"

The hormonal changes that occur with menopause can be different in each woman. In some women oestrogen levels drop dramatically, in other women the oestrogen drop is not as severe and may actually stay adequate enough to be beneficial for the rest of the woman’s life. The same can occur with progesterone -  it may become quite low, or it may remain adequate enough to be of benefit, even though she will no longer have the higher amounts of progesterone that happen in the second half of the month. Likewise, testosterone levels can become low. In some women the testosterone can actually become elevated. These different possibilities lead to 12 different types of menopause experiences, for example: type 1: low oestrogen, low progesterone, normal testosterone; or type 2: low oestrogen, normal progesterone, low testosterone. By pinpointing which type of menopause you are experiencing, it is possible to target your specific nutritional, lifestyle and supplement needs. Your menopause type will be assessed by a questionnaire.

"How much time is this going to take?"

You can expect to see positive changes within the first few weeks and complete the program in 8 weeks. You can expect to lose around 1kg per week. Progress to full vibrant health will depend on your current state of health and your desire to learn and implement the program.  I will be there to support and guide you throughout, as you progress to a more healthy and vibrant you.

"How much does the program cost?"

The total cost is £250 which includes:

  • First consultation of 1.5 hours

  • 2 follow-up consultations of 45 minutes each

  • In-depth medical, diet, and lifestyle intake reviewed before your visit

  • Analysis of your previous lab work, and any supplements or medications you are currently taking

  • Time and space to tell your story

  • 8 week actionable, personalised health plan – including key points from our discussion, specific supplement recommendations, nutrition guidelines, resources and appropriate referrals.

  • Plan tailored to your menopause and and any other specific health concerns

  • Orders for comprehensive lab workup including conventional biomarkers and advanced functional medicine labs

  • Updates and customisation to your personalised health plan following each visit

  • Meal plans and recipes specific to your needs: dairy-free and gluten-free if necessary, and tailored to your health goals 

  • Daily journal 

  • Comprehensive tracking tools 

  • Private women-only Facebook group with over 200 women to share stories, tips and information 

  • Continuous contact with Sandra to keep you on track and achieving your goals 


Are you right for the program?

Make sure that you're right for the program and that you can follow it. I’d be very happy to have a chat with you to see if it’s a right fit for you.


Want more?

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Find your tribe

You are not alone. The private Menopause Mastery Facebook group is a place for women to share their experiences, symptoms, and successes.

Find the latest research and how it can be applied practically to reverse symptoms, with nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes.


Sandra Ishkanes is a woman on a mission and is passionate in changing how we treat and view the menopause. She is determined to change our world for the better - she definitely changed mine.

—CC, Brighton