Your Physiology is Designed to Experience Bliss


Candace Pert has written widely on a range of topics — the mind-body connection, science and spirituality, the role of discrimination on health and wellbeing and the path to vibrant health.

Excerpt from a short interview:

Q: It seems like a lot of people just get ‘stuck’ in their lives, even after much therapy or treatment.

A: The key is to recognize that we’re all a multitude of different people; we all have a number of personalities. I’m excited about this term I coined which I call ‘selves-esteem’ and I think this is at the root of feeling well adjusted, happy and blissful. We need to acknowledge all of our different personalities.

Being stuck merely means you’re stuck in one of your personalities, such as a depressed personality, or stuck in a personality consumed by self hated and blame, and you’re not yet able to access a healthier personality. I greatly believe in the healing powers of music and movement when you’re stuck. Stop thinking about everything and get out and move, if that’s possible. If you can’t get out, listen to guided imagery tapes, or healing affirmations with background music. This can tweak and nudge things and move you towards a healthier self.

“Our physiology is perfectly designed for bliss and this perfection is dynamic, so taking responsibility for your own health is important.” Candace Pert

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