Sprayable Sleep - Sleep You Spray on Your Skin

Deven Soni

"A sleep aid you spray on your skin to fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed.

Sprayable Sleep takes everything that's good about melatonin and delivers it to your system just the way nature intended. Unlike a melatonin pill, Sprayable Sleep absorbs gradually over time, closely mimicking the body's natural production of melatonin over the course of the night. By slowly entering your system in small doses over time as opposed to bombarding your system with massive amounts of melatonin all at once, Sprayable allows you to sleep more restfully and wake up more refreshed than ever before. The key breakthrough was developing a solution that would effectively deliver melatonin gradually over time through the skin.

The patent-pending transport system dramatically increases both the solubility and permeability of melatonin through the skin."

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