Primal Fat Burner - Primal Body Primal Mind

This is a revolutionary book about generating optimal health through first and foremost grasping and harnessing the central importance of healthy, naturally occurring dietary fat to human health and evolution. Inspired by a summer spent living less than 500 miles from the North Pole with a family of wild wolves and visiting among the scattered remnants of an ancient Thule culture there– literally frozen in time; author and nutritional expert, Nora Gedgaudas began to viscerally recognize something truly key that humans living today have long forgotten. It awakened a unique and inescapably important realization in her. It ultimately shook her foundations and turned her understanding about health and our human origins almost literally upside down. The journey that followed finally led here, to this book. Far more than being simply a book about weight loss, Primal Fat Burner takes you on a unique journey to discover your evolutionary and biological roots as a natural-born fat burner and reveals dietary fat as the very thing that made us all human in the first place. This book is not just about cultivating a lean body (though odds are you will), but about true, foundational health in alignment with human evolutionary history together with modern principles of modern human longevity revelations. It goes well beyond the growing idea and wider acceptance that “dietary fat probably isn’t as bad as we have been told.” It even transcends the recent popularization of the idea of “eating fat to burn fat” and other popular approaches to ketogenic diets. The real truth will surprise—and inspire you!

Primal Fat Burner comprehensively unravels—for the very first time– the real culprits behind suffering, obesity and disease; how we have all been misled (and why)—and how this revolutionary truth has been kept away from you…until now.

Primal Fat Burner will enlighten you, it will surprise you (again and again), it will challenge you, it will engross you (possibly even make you laugh here and there along the way)…and it will change your life forever. You will never see your health, your reflection in the mirror, or the food on your dinner plate the same way ever again!

You will come away finally understanding what our distant ancestors knew all along: Fat is where it’s at!

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