Michael Pollan Answers Reader's Questions


Our family is on a budget and can’t afford to eat all organic. Where should we direct our money to get the most benefit? Organic produce? Meats? Dairy?

If you could rewrite the farm bill from scratch, with no political constraints of any sort, what would it look like?

What are the pros and cons of a vegan diet?

How much soy is too much? Can I eat tofu and drink soymilk every day? What are the true pros and cons of soy? I cannot seem to find unbiased information.

I’m torn between artificial sweeteners and regular sugar. I know that both aren’t good for your health, but if I just can’t live without some form of sweetener in my morning coffee, which would you pick? In other words, which one is better for you health-wise?

Should I buy local foods or stick to organic?

What is the single best food we all should be eating every day? Cutting to the nitty-gritty, here.

“In Defense of Food” focused on debunking nutritionism and the lipid theory. What about our carb consumption? A lot of research I’ve seen lately indicates they’re the real culprits in our diets.

You must be on the road a lot. Where do you eat when you are on the road?

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