Melatonin As Potent as Letrozole in Inhibiting Aromatization of Testosterone to Estrogen - This Raises the Question: Is a Lack of - or Bad Sleep - to Blame for Breast Cancer

Could the best way to counter breast cancer and control high estrogen levels in men really be sleeping regularly and without interruption in a pitch black room for 7-8h? The study at hand suggests just that. It may sound hilarious to the next best average Joe, but the study results Suthat Chottanap and colleagues from the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute are about to present in one of the next issues of Toxicology in Vitro confirm what SuppVersity readers already knew: It's more than likely that there is a direct link between a lack of quality sleep as people who are working shift works have it and the risk of breast cancer.

The latter increases in women who do not sleep during the period of the night when melatonin levels are typically at their highest by ~14% (Davis. 2011), an observation that appears only logical in view of what I am about to tell you today.

Bottom line: It's too early to tell anyone to consume melatonin supplements as an effective means to counter the development of breast cancer. The results of the study at hand do yet confirm that sleep and in that sleep during a time of maximal melatonin production, which is at night or in a pitch black room is of paramount importance to your health.

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