Curvology: Why This Man Thinks Our Survival is Down to Women’s Bottoms


After hearing Bainbridge talk about his radical new book, Curvology, I found myself seeing female bottoms clearly for the first time.  Bainbridge has a simple but powerful revelation: no other animal has a fat bum, and this is because female buttocks have a higher purpose. That is nothing less than to save the human race.

Recent research has shown that the fat stored in the mother’s bottom is particularly enriched with DHA — the fatty acids so important to brain development. It is this which builds the infant nervous system, and this fat particularly is diverted to breastfeeding. Women who breastfeed, he notes, lose fat in their bottom disproportionately to those that don’t. Some scientists even suggest that there could be a link between large bums and the quality of breastmilk. As he puts it in his book: “Women’s buttocks and thighs can be seen as living evidence of the importance of storing fats to fuel the growth of children’s extravagantly large brains . . . bums make brains.”

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