Can Changing Your Diet Help to Prevent Dementia?


Research exploring the link between dementia and what we eat is still a fledgeling science — the Alzheimer’s Society explains – because of the long-held mistaken assumption by medics and scientists that cognitive decline is a natural part of ageing. It is true that, if you reach your nineties, your chances of developing some form of dementia is one in three, but the rates in your sixties are far lower. Certainly it isn’t inevitable you will get the disease — in most cases it isn’t hereditary. Whether it’s preventable is the new research frontier, and an urgent one. The population pyramid is top heavy with older people. Researchers have found evidence that even if you are older, you can have thousands of brain cells born daily. How do you stimulate this growth? Aerobic exercise, strenuous mental activity and avoiding obesity, chronic stress and sleep deprivation. Alongside these factors, scientists are putting a great deal of work into looking at what we eat.

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