A Dirty Gene and a Ketogenic Diet: What’s the Connection between the APOE4 Allele and Alzheimer’s Disease? 

Dirty gene of the month, APOE4. Why? Heavily, heavily researched. APOE4 is heavily researched and heavily associated with Alzheimer’s. Why is this heavily associated with Alzheimer’s? What does APOE4 do anyway and what happens when it gets dirty? How does it get dirty, and when it gets dirty what do you do to clean it up? Because, man, if you’re born with APOE4 and many of us are, then that’s not a death sentence. It is showing that you’re increasing your susceptibility to Alzheimer’s. But it’s absolutely not your destiny. My goal for you today is to say, “Hey if you have APOE4, you know how to take action to it.” Alright? Let’s go to it right now. What does APOE4 do? You can’t fix something if you don’t know what it does, right? Let’s first slow down and say, “How do I fix it?” Well you first have to know what it does. APOE4 simply helps bind, transport, and break down fat in your liver and in your brain. If you can’t break down fat in your live and you can’t transport it, what’s going to happen? Your blood cholesterol is going to go up. Your triglycerides are going to go up. Your doctor is going to see that and they’re going to put you on a statin. But if the problem is APOE4, is that what you want to do? Is that the fix? No, you do not have a statin deficiency. Mark my words. Now, your brain is a big ball of fat. You have to be transporting fat around in your brain and you have to be breaking certain other fats down so you can make way for repairing and bringing in new healthy fats. That is what APOE4 does. It’s basically your fat truck. What happens if APOE4 doesn’t work? A whole slew of things. This graphical illustration taken from this research paper right here and I’ll put the link below in my description for you so you can click that. This is a full free paper. It’s phenomenal. It’s a great one. In short if APOE4 doesn’t work, your brain don’t work. Alzheimer’s is associated with diabetes type 3. Diabetes type is basically you cannot utilize glucose. If you cannot use utilize glucose in your brain, then what can you use? What’s really, really popular right now? It starts with K. Ketogenic diet may be something to consider. Hold on to that thought. All these things are going on if your APOE4 gene is not working right. Brain inflammation, can’t use glucose. Your brain is getting smaller. You’re getting amyloid-beta plaques. All the known factors for Alzheimer’s. How do you know if APOE4 is dirty or not? You do a genetic test. Read more


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