5 Ways Functional Medicine Can Transform Your Health 

It's hard to ignore or deny just how divided our world has become. And we all need to get together to heal not just our hearts, but our health. Functional medicine is all about celebrating the individual and the differences that make us all special and unique. We are concerned with what improves lives and labs, what increases your energy levels and allows you to truly thrive. And this is what health care should be all about, because the bottom line is that we're in this together. We need to dump dieting and focus on getting healthy and nourishing our bodies with delicious food medicine. So in honor of health, unity, and progress, here are five ways functional medicine really kicks ass:

1. We aren't OK with the trajectory of society's health. 2. We see the holes in mainstream medicine. 3. We realize no one is sick from a medication deficiency. 4. We realize our DNA is not our destiny. 5. We know the best medicine is at the end of our forks.

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