A Revolution in Menopausal Therapy


Feeling tired, confused and invisible?

Have you spent more nights sweating than you care to remember? Or can you not remember much at all through the brain fog? Are your mood swings through the roof and is your sex drive on the floor? These symptoms, along with insomnia, weight gain, hot flushes, anxiety, and so many more are all common during the menopause. Yay us - but you'll be happy to know that it doesn't have to be this way.

Discover the help you need now

The menopause is not the beginning of the end, but the next step in women’s evolution. The key to getting it right is understanding what is happening to your body and what you can do about it. The Modern Menopause program optimises your nutrition, exercise and supplements to help you manage your symptoms. And along the way you will acquire life-changing tools, tips and techniques.

Make the menopause work for you

You can’t control everything in life, but you can control what happens to your body. Once you master your symptoms you can take advantage of this time of freedom from hormonal turbulence to make new choices and fulfil long- held desires. Now is the time to discover the roadmap to your best self: transformed, liberated, radiant and fit, ready to enjoy this new phase in your life. Just like nature intended.

Modern Menopause Program Benefits

Going through the menopause is a critical transition period in a woman’s life and can determine her level of health in the years to come. The Modern Menopause Program provides a therapeutic plan that addresses your nutrition, lifestyle and supplements. All aspects of your health are taken care of so that you can successfully navigate your menopausal transition and secure vibrant health now and in the future.


    Discover a personalised nutritional, lifestyle and supplement program to manage all your symptoms.

    Say goodbye to hot flushes, night  sweats, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain, low sex drive, low energy.


    You will burn fat and lose weight

    The nutritional program specifically designed for women who want to burn fat and lose weight - you will learn about the unique hormonal state of menopause that causes fat gain around the belly and how to stop it.


    Gain in-depth, complete nutritional advice

    The in-depth nutritional program is complete with a 4 week meal plan, food list and cookbook. It will help you work with rather than against the menopausal metabolism.


    You will stabilise your fluctuating hormones

    Stabilise oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormones and insulin, and coast life in hormonal calm.


    You will protect your brain and prevent dementia

    The Modern Menopause Program is designed to protect and enhance brain health, preventing cognitive decline in later years.


    Do you need vaginal rejuvenation?

    The vaginal rejuvenation program addresses vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, urinary tract infections, leaking and an overactive bladder.


    Are you doing the right exercise?


    Get advice on how to build muscle mass and protect bone health, and find out why aerobic exercise can make things worse!


    Learn everything you wanted to know about the lab tests that are most important for the menopause

    Test, don't guess - blood sugar levels, thyroid hormones, fat metabolism, iron metabolism, liver function, digestive function and brain function are all affected in the menopause.


    Practical and meaningful change to enable a healthy and vibrant you.

    The Modern Menopause Program makes it easy. Just like nature intended.

    Assessing Your Menopause

    How can you gain these benefits? Well every woman experiences the menopause differently and the key factor here is that this program is personalised to your specific symptoms. A thorough assessment will help to clarify the factors behind your health concerns. 

    The assessment includes:

    • Comprehensive health history evaluation 
    • Nutrition and lifestyle evaluation
    • Menopause type evaluation - which one of the 12 types of menopause do you have?
    • Pinpointing specific deficiencies with the use of lab tests as needed, including mineral and vitamin status, thyroid and other hormones. Lab tests can be ordered through your GP and privately.


    "I have a pre-existing health condition. Can I still join the program?"

    Yes, except for women with type 1 diabetes. The program is designed to identify all the pieces of your health puzzle and put them together in a way that enables and healthy vibrant you. You will have a complete health assessment and are likely to experience improvement in all your symptoms as you follow your personal program.

    "Who is not a suitable candidate for the program?"

    Unfortunately at this time women with type 1 diabetes, and women who are vegan or vegetarian are not suitable candidates for the Program.

    "Will I have to survive on skimpy salads and protein shakes?"

    No. The program nutrition plan includes plenty of delicious, hearty foods that you will be excited about eating. The recommended foods are high in healthy fats and include appropriate levels of protein and carbohydrates so meals taste great and keep you full for hours.

    "What are the 12 types of menopause?"

    The hormonal changes that occur with menopause can be different in each woman. In some women oestrogen levels drop dramatically, in other women the oestrogen drop is not as severe and may actually stay adequate enough to be beneficial for the rest of the woman’s life. The same can occur with progesterone, it may become quite low, or it may remain adequate enough to be of benefit to the woman – even though she will no longer have the higher amounts of progesterone that happen in the second half of the month. Likewise, testosterone levels can become low. In some women the testosterone can actually become elevated. These different possibilities lead to 12 different types of menopause experiences, for example: type 1: low oestrogen, low progesterone, normal testosterone; or type 2: low oestrogen, normal progesterone, low testosterone. By pinpointing which type of menopause you are experiencing, it is possible to target your specific nutritional, lifestyle and supplement needs. Your menopause type will be assessed by a questionnaire.

    "What is the vaginal rejuvenation program?"

    The vaginal rejuvenation program is intended for women experiencing vaginal dryness and/or atrophy, and any other vaginal distress. The program promotes blood flow to the skin of the vulva and vagina and encourages more skin flexibility and thickness. The program also promotes lubrication and a healthy vaginal flora.

    "How much time is this going to take?"

    You can expect to see positive changes within the first few weeks and complete the program in 12 weeks. You can expect to lose around 1kg per week. Progress to full vibrant health will depend on your current state of health and your desire to learn and implement the program.  I will be there to support and guide you throughout, as you progress to a more healthy and vibrant you.

    "I have more questions, can I get in touch?"

    Yes of course. Please call Sandra on 07817664873 for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss how your needs can be met.

    Your Investment:

    The standard clinic fees apply:

    £90 for the first consultation lasting 1.5 hours, and
    £30-£60 for follow up consultations of 30-60 minutes, every 3-4 weeks.

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    As women mature, their metabolism evolves substantially from how it functioned in their younger years. 

    This program helps you understand not only how your metabolism is changing, but also how it must be managed differently to optimise your health. 

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