Case Studies


It is a privilege to be part of my client’s health journeys.

The client stories and case studies presented here reflect the diversity of symptoms and conditions that I see in my practice.

In many instances there are interactions between environmental causes of illness such as toxins, allergens, infections and poor diet, and multiple clinical imbalances in digestion, inflammation, hormones, detoxification and stress.

In every case, addressing the root causes can bring about complete resolution of symptoms, quickly and effectively.



Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

Stomach ulcers

Hypertension, weight gain, gout and restless legs

Fungal infections and antibiotics


The protocols outlined here were tailored specifically to each client. They should not be taken as advice or replace any direction from medical professionals. Each client has given permission for their anonymised case to be reported here for educational purposes, including their medical history, laboratory data, and testimonials.