Rescue your metabolism, hormones, immunity, mind and mood. By addressing your personal health triggers, be they diet, toxins, infections, or stress, you can join up all the dots and make the right connections between all the seemingly disparate symptoms you are experiencing. 

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Consultations take at the Dolphin House Clinic in Brighton or on-line via Skype.

Please call Sandra on 07817664873 to make an appointment.

You are welcome to call for a complimentary 30 minute telephone chat before booking to discuss your requirements.

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Sandra Ishkanes
Call: 07817664873



Initial consultation: 1.5hrs – £90
Follow-up consultations: 30 - 60 minutes - £30 – £60
Three month program with one initial 90 minute consultation and two 1 hour consultations: £180 - 15% discount


Dolphin House Clinic
15 New Road, Brighton, BN1 1UF
01273 324790



Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9:00am-1:00 pm

Skype appointments

Weekdays: 9am-5pm and 7pm – 9pm
Saturday: 3pm-5pm 


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